The Macallan Genesis was first released in August 2018, with an initial release of around 300 bottles from a total of 2500 bottles, it is due to be up for ballot in Feb.

This sale was sold exclusively at the the Macallan distillery and limited airport duty free stores in the far east.

This sale cased chaos in the roads around the distillery causing police to close the road. Some bottles from this release where being resold on online auction sites within 12 days of the initial release for around 10 times the the original price with some bottle going for £4600.

The new release will become available to purchase by way of ballet on the Macallan website, with registration open in February.

The bottle will be price at £495.

Bottles from the previous sale are still selling for in the region of £3000!

This could be a great investment if you are one of the lucky few to get your hands on one.