Bimber is an upcoming distillery based in the UK’s capital, offering a range of Gin, Vodka, Rum and of course Whisky.

Although Bimber’s Whisky is not officially ready, they were kind enough to send us 6 samples of their range.

We thought we would start with their new make, bottled at an ABV of 63.5%. On the nose we got raw sugar beats and fresh dough, surprisingly the new make was not too overpowering and on the pallet we could taste a slight hint of grass and again fresh dough. The new make felt like it was a great building block to work with and in the right barrels will transform into something really nice.

Next we moved onto the the Signature range which contained Bourbon Virgin, Oak Cask and the Sherry Cask. Bottled at an ABV of 47%. Straight away we could see, smell and taste the affect on the casks that the whisky had been maturing in, on the nose we got vanilla and brown sugar but surprisingly the taste was not too sweet.

Tasting notes of vanilla with a subtle toffee.

Already this is a very nice whisky that again for its age was not too overpowering, adding a few more months or even years will really make this blossom.

Moving on to the Ex-Sherry, bottled at an ABV of 63%. This brought a slight fruitiness to the nose, followed by treacle. This was an interesting one as the treacle did not show itself until after we tasted the whisky. We could taste notes of light golden syrup which made the whisky slightly sweet and with this taste lingering on the pallet then mixing with the aroma, the second time round brought out the treacle. This whisky was sharper than the previous but is quickly balanced out by the light sweetness which you would expect to find form a sherry casked whisky.

Up next was the Ex-Port, bottled at an ABV of 62%. A lovely nose of biscuits, mainly malted milks which is a personal favourite, so of course i was hoping that the notes would follow suit and they did not disappoint. Although the biscuit notes was subtle it kind of was a relief as i think the overpowering taste of biscuits would make the dram hard to pour another. The whisky was quite strong but was expected with a 62% ABV, this one will need a bit more time to get perfect but when it reaches its maturity i can see it selling well.

Ex-Bourbon was our next one, bottled at an ABV of 63.5%. This was a strong one, but it suited the whisky well. On the nose we got candied apple and light syrup, it truly was a feast for the nose and the taste followed nicely, notes of apple and a slight sweetness, the strength of the whisky did not allow you to let the whisky sit and search for more notes but it did leave a nice coating of flavour in your mouth.

Again a very good whisky and will find its place in the stronger and you could say more angry category of whisky.

The final whisky was the Virgin Oak, bottled at an ABV of 63%. As a huge fan of smokey, peaty whisky, i was excited to find an earthy scent on the nose followed by slightly smokey notes. This was definitely my favourite of the six and the most interesting one we found when we added a splash of water, it seemed to bring out the earthiness in the whisky and toned down the alcohol in this whisky.

In conclusion Bimber has some fantastic whiskies and will hopefully find its place amongst the giants of the whisky world. Bimber’s whisky is not due to reach its maturation stage to be legally called whisky until June therefore what we had the pleasure to preview was New Make, we still used the term whisky in our blog as this is the product it is destined to be.  This year we hope to make the journey down to see their distillery and hopefully interview their head distillers. 

Lastly, We want to thank Bimber not only for the samples but for the Gin and Rum that were sent along with them.

They have a great looking range of spirits that are worth a good look at, visit to find out more.