How to auction off your Whisky

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Send in your bottle(s) for validation and evaluation

Auction off your Lot and pay no commission


If you are a successful seller, we will not process your payments until the buyer has paid us, has received their bottle(s) and is satisfied that our descriptions were accurate. Payments will begin three weeks after an auction ends. In the event of a dispute arising over the provenance or authenticity of any bottle, if it cannot be proved to be genuine, it will be returned to the seller and no monies will be due.

The Seller will be charged 0% of the hammer price as the commission rate.  Free reserve for a limited time.

Payment can be made via Bank Transfer. International bank transfers may incur an additional fee which will be deducted from the Seller’s payment.

Bidding Policy
Sellers are expressly forbidden from bidding on their own bottles. Any bottles found to have been subjected to this will be withdrawn.
Authenticity of the lot
In the event of a dispute arising over the provenance or authenticity of any Lot, if it cannot be proved beyond reasonable doubt to be genuine ( and we shall be the sole judge as to authenticity and our decision shall be final) the Lot will be returned to the Seller and no monies will be due to either party.
Restrictions of sale
We reserve the right to refuse any item for auction. This decision is final. This includes, but is not limited to, Bell’s decanters and cream whisky liqueurs amongst others. Any items of merchandise much be officially produced or will be refused for auction.

As and when appropriate, We reserve the right to limit Lot entries for auction in the instance of a special or limited release. These releases may be limited to one bottle per person per auction for the first 3 months following the release.

Restrictions regarding reserves on Lots
Reserves are placed at the discretion of the Company. Our policy is:

– No reserves under £100 per lot

– Reserves are not to be higher than 80% of a previous sale.

All decisions are made by the discretion of the Directors and is can be subject to change without prior warning.

Auction Dates


November the 25th at 18:00 until December the 2nd at 21:00

December the 30th at 18:00 until January the 6th at 21:00

January the 27th at 18:00 until February the 3rd at 21:00


 Auction Starts December