Cigars and Whisky are a perfect match.

Recently I paid a visit to a cigar paradise in Derby called The Cigar Lounge.

I was welcomed by Tony Spacey, the owner and cigar specialist who made me feel very welcome.
The lounge itself is a very warm welcoming lounge with a very impressive walk-in humidor with a huge variety of Cuban Havana cigars.

If you are a cigar smoker then this is the place you must visit, The Cigar Lounge holds cigar evenings where you can enjoy cigars along with the company of other cigars smokers in a very relaxed environment, this year we hope to attend one of these evenings and bring along some Whisky to compliment the cigars that will be smoked on that night.

Tony has been a Cuban cigar smoker for over 30 years and the knowledge and passion that Tony has is hugely impressive, The Cigar Lounge was awarded a Hunters & Frankau’s Gold Standard Havana Specialist award, making The Cigar Lounge one of only twelve in the whole country to hold this award.
In order to win one of these awards, you must prove your knowledge of Havan Cigars and be able to keep a sufficient stock at perfect conditions, so you know that the cigars you purchase from The Cigar Lounge are perfect and as if you had brought them straight from their country of origin.

We hope to work with Tony this year and bring you some whisky and cigar pairings and to keep you up to date with evenings and events that The Cigar Lounge will hold.

In the meantime be sure to check out their website or even pay The Cigar Lounge a visit, you won’t be disappointed.