An online auction house based in Worksop is raising a glass to specialist spirits being shipped thousands of miles across Europe, with whisky lovers in Croatia, Italy and France flocking to snap up their top tipple. 

Since launching just over a year ago, The Whisky Way has securely sent bottles of popular distilled alcoholic beverages to collectors across the continent. 

Joint owners Ryan Vahey, Darren Chapman and Dale Smith, manage monthly sales of whisky and collectable items at no cost to the seller. Whisky specialist Ryan puts the demand down to the tipple’s investment appeal. He said: “The market has grown quicker than anything else, with special editions, limited production and discontinued lines able to fetch double their original retail value. “Limited edition whisky can fetch a premium and we’re attracting buyers from all over the UK as well as Europe, who have no option but to turn to auction sites to make a purchase of vintage products as many distilleries back in the 1970s and1980s were unable to offer international shipping to keep costs down. “They often feature popular flavours or unique attractive glass, ceramic or stone bottles. Some whiskies from distilleries that have closed down may fetch a very good price in the market as it is out of production.” 

Seven-day auctions take place on the company’s website from 6pm on the last Sunday of the month. Ryan added: “The mystery and allure of the spirit is unparalleled. And so, when it comes to whisky, the options are, literally, limitless. “The value of whisky largely depends on what a buyer is willing to pay, however, if required, we are able to provide a good and reasonable estimate based on what value it has commanded at recent sales.